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Nov 14, 2010 |
Turkish site with thousands of funny jokes! Funny quotes, funny saying, dirty jokes, college humour, funny stories, yo mama jokes, racist jokesi adult jokes, kids jokes, mexican jokes, fat jokes, ... Read more

Best Dumb Blonde Jokes

Dec 7, 2010 |
Really the best blonde jokes you will ever find. Check them out and have some fun. Its guaranteed good time. Find more now. ... Read more

Clean Blond Jokes

Feb 5, 2011 |
Looking for clean blonde jokes? This web site is dedicated to blonde jokes only and have hundred of funny clean blonde jokes. Find more now. ... Read more

Funny Dirty Blonde Jokes

Feb 6, 2011 |
Blonde jokes are the most funny jokes you will ever find. This web site is full of dirty blonde jokes and will give you guaranteed fun. ... Read more


Mar 12, 2011 |
J\'aime is the word for Like in french, here you could find some humor status for facebook in french. ... Read more

Happy Birthday Quotes

Mar 28, 2011 |
Celebrating birthdays is always a joyous time of the year. Thinking of the perfect quote to share with your friend on their birthday is not always easy. When someone presents you with a happy ... Read more